2397 Flying at Colerne


Cdt Lockwood E after her first flight

On Wednesday the 26th of August, four cadets from 2397 Sqn took to the skies in the Grob Tutor. Two of the cadets were flying for the first time and were looking forward to their flight (as they ate their McDonald’s breakfast!) the weather caused a few hours delay but the cadets played Jenga, Pool and Table Football matches to pass the time.


Colerne from the air

Eventually it was flight time and the two first time flyers got to go first,  Cdt Lockwood E flew above Devizes and Chippenham during her first Air Experience Flight and Cdt Weston got the “Avatar Experience” where he got to dip in and around the clouds during his. For Sgt Cockrem it was a more dramatic flight as he completed a series of aerobatic moves such as loops, rolls and stall turns, he even managed not to be sick! For myself (Cpl Owen R) it was my last flight and I got to fly over a few of the Wiltshire White Horses before successfully brushing the clouds.

It was a brilliant day of flying and a great success for all the cadets, it’s what the Corps is known for and I would highly recommend it to any cadet, new or regular to sign up and take to the skies!

– Cpl Owen

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