During your time as a cadet you will get many opportunities to go flying in a variety of aircraft. All cadets will have the chance to fly in the RAF’s initial training aircraft, the Grob 115e Tutor. Other opportunities may arise to fly in other aircraft during camps and station visits.
Cockpit View Air Experience Flying (AEF) is the term used to describe the many flying opportunities that the ATC provides all cadets. For 2397 this usually takes place at RAF Boscombe Down with 2 AEF Squadron on a Saturday or Sunday. A typical AEF flight usually consists of a 30min flight in the Grob 115e Tutor, during which you will either be shown how to actually fly the aircraft or do some aerobatics such as loops and rolls! A day flying!
When you get a little bit older you may get the opportunity to do a Flying Scholarship and eventually go solo and earn your ‘wings’ – not a bad achievement to have on your CV at the age of seventeen!