Gliding for our Squadron takes place at 622 Volunteer Gliding Squadron based at Upavon airfield.

You go up in a Viking TX1 Glider and the flight can last between 3 and 20 minutes depending on the weather, but all cadets will get at least 20 minutes flying time in total, having multiple ‘short flights’ if necessary.

For the first three times you go gliding, you will do a new part of a Gliding Induction Course which is to teach you about the 3 control surfaces of the aircraft.

After this your gliding ‘sorties’ will be purely for fun/revision unless you choose to go on to do a Gliding Scholarship. This is where you will learn to fly the glider on your own and eventually go solo. From this you may even get the opportunity to train further and become an instructor.

Speak to the CO if you are interested in a Scholarship. You do however need to be a minimum of Leading Cadet and aged 16 or older.