Brize Norton Visit – 26th of May 2015

2397 larks in a fake cargo hold

2397 larks in a fake cargo hold

On a grey Tuesday some of the cadets from 2397 got up early and headed over to the squadron, ready for a day at the UK’s largest base Movements Squadron in the RAF.

Being guided around RAF Brize Norton was a great honour as we had heard a lot about it’s capabilities as a support base specialising in Air to Air Refuelling, Air Transport and MoD civilian charter flights, as well as being host to Royalty and celebrities such as Gary Barlow and (to some of the cadets delight) Cheryl Cole. In the survival equipment section we got the chance to try on gas marks and different American and British equipment, and learnt about the importance of each item, we also got to pile into the blown up liferaft, I think we fit as many as 11 cadets in! The guided tour also included a look inside and out of a Voyager, which is a large passenger aircraft that doubles up as an Air to Air Refuelling tanker, and we also got to fly some of the transport aircraft in very realistic simulators. After a few simulated crashes (and some were spectacular…) and a talk to our guide about his time in the RAF with the Air Movements Squadron, we were guided into a room with comfy chairs to have a presentation from a recruitment officer about potential futures in the RAF – she had a very long question and answer session with a select group of enthusiastic┬ácadets that led to awards of memory sticks being given out to the most…talkative.

After a busy and jam packed day at RAF Brize Norton the minibus was full of starving cadets and most bravely stayed for the normal parade night and feasted on boxes upon boxes of pizza. All in all, each cadet that attended enjoyed the experience of meeting RAF Personnel and gaining knowledge on different aircraft and their uses.

Thank you Sgt Cockrem for organising this trip.

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