Lacock At War


Fun on the Land Rover

On the weekend of the 15th-16th of August 2397 cadets attended the Lacock At War Military Vehicles show and aided the organisers in raising over £10, 800. During the event cadets got involved with selling tickets at the front gate, aiding members of the public and guiding the different vehicles around the show ground including motorbikes, trucks and variations of tanks.

The weekend was a great success with cadets finishing the weekend happy with bags of sweets, it’s safe to say that a lot of them will be returning next year for more last night exercise fun, McDonald’s fine dining ‘al fresco’ experience and an all round laugh in  Giz’s Land Rover.

Thank you to all staff and cadets who attended and special thank you to Giz and Lucy who made it all possible.

– Cpl Owen

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