First Class Cadet (all subjects, via First Class A5 Workbook):

now History of the ATC

now History of the RAF

now Basic Expedition Training

now History of the CCF

now Basic Communications

now Basic Map Reading

now History of Flight

now Principles of Airmanship

Leading Cadet (all subjects, via Ultilearn):

now Navigation on Land using Map and Compass

now Principles of Flight

now Airmanship Knowledge

Senior Cadet (3 subjects, via Ultilearn)
Master Cadet (another 3 subjects, via Ultilearn):

now Air Navigation

now Pilot Navigation

now 3 Propulsion areas
– Piston Engine Propulsion
– Jet Engine Propulsion
– Rocket Propulsion

now Air Handling & Flying Techniques

now Advanced Radio & Radar

now Principles of Airframes

now Avionics & Aircraft Electrical Systems

now Satellite & Data Communications

new Military Aircraft Systems

new Principles of Air Power