Uniform Inspection Guidelines


Item Inspection Guidelines
Beret Band is horizontal around the head, 25 mm above the eyebrows, misshapen, dirty, discoloured, holes, badge flat, badge backing.
Hair Male – well trimmed, clear of ears, sideburns correct length.Female: well kept, hair clips and nets to be colour of hair, minimal size and discreet, free of loose hair.
Shave/ Make Up Male: clean-shaven, but religious requirements will be respected.Female: unobtrusive make-up, nail polish (if worn) pale pink or clear.
Shirt/ Tie Collar clean, colour faded, buttons open, tie clean and not clip on, Windsor knot, no stuffed pockets.
Jumper Discoloured, stitches pulled, dirty, rank/badges pressed tidy and correctly positioned.
Brassard Clean, pressed, badges correctly positioned, badges sewn on tidily, cotton colour.
Trousers/ Skirt Correct length, clean, pressed, threadbare, stains, no stuffed pockets.
Footwear Clean and in good repair, laces straight across, welts blackened, no studs or sole nails.  Males: black socks.  Females: hose correct colour.
Jewellery Rings, earrings (except sleepers), neck chains, watches – should not be worn.

Maximum score per cadet = 10