Ten Tors

Congratulations to Cadets from 2397 who took part and completed Ten Tors on the 10th of May, those in the 35 mile team completed at 13:00 after months of hard training and a weekend of team work and setting a strong pace, they were cadets Carson, Trowbridge, Marchant, Chidwick and Wiles. Also congratulations to the 45 mile team who truly showed the spirit of Ten Tors, from 2397 they were cadets Flynn, and Cpl Cockrem and the story of their walk is described by Flt Lt Bell below:

“A Lt Col Para at the end insisted they have this (photo) done to shake their hand. They were behind because two of the team were struggling to walk at the pace they needed to. Both were struggling because of tiredness and because of blisters. The team didn’t know this and kept going hoping things would ‘click’ and refused to allow them to drop out. This jeopardized the chance of them completing the challenge. But they kept going with them until medics declared them unfit to continue at Tor 5. 

At the tor they had to wait while the medics dealt with others before they could see them. Overall, this probably cost the team about an hour.They probably knew at that point they had missed their chance of completing. When the team reached the tor they had a decision to make – go on without them or wait until they saw the medics. They chose to wait. The whole team were devastated the two were not allowed to continue.

The 4 then continued after quite a lot of tear shedding. By Sunday at Tor 9 the team were faced with another difficult decision. Go to the final Tor and be pulled off the moor or head to the finish for an “emotional line cross”. They chose the latter knowing full well they probably would not receive a medal. The Lt Col summed it up, “You should feel proud of yourself, your perseverance to try to stay as a team cost you a medal. That shows the true spirit of what the Ten Tors Challenge is about.””

ten tors 35

The 35 mile team

All of 2397 Sqn are proud of what these cadets did and are inspired by their success  Cpl Owen

The 45 mile team

The 45 mile team

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